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We have great experience in valuation of art and antiques, so in addition to acquisition and sale we also offer the following services:

Valuations (Insurances, judicial appraisals...):

Send us photographs, measurements and any information on the provenance of your piece, and will quickly give you a budget. We do not charge travel expenses for valuations in Valencia.

Valuation of succession partitions:

Tell us what do you have, what do you need, and we will suggest the formula that best suits you in order to get a fast, equitable, fair and affordable distribution of your family art works.

Sales management:

Knowing well Spanish and European Art markets, we arrange for you the sale of any art work at the best possible price, with very affordable rates and formalizing the custody of your art work with a private sale management contract.

Consulting and purchase management:

Are you starting a collection? Are you looking for a specific art work and you don't know where and how to buy it ? We know the proper channels of the art market and we have the expertise to help you buying quality at a good price. We work well and at very affordable prices.


Do you need to restore a painting, a piece of furniture, a sculpture...? We will recommend you a full confidence professional who will give you the appropriate advise and a no obligation budget.

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