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Noël Ribes


Noël Ribes joined the antiques family business, run since the 1970’s by his father, Salvador Ribes Garín, founder of the Antique Dealers Guild of Valencia and co-founder of the Spanish Federation of Antique Dealers.

He holds a degree in the History of Art and Archaeology from Lyon II University and a post-graduate diploma from Sotheby’s Institute in London; Noël Ribes entered the antiques market in the 90’s, thereby contributing to the expansion of the firm and increasing its presence in foreign fairs.


We offer the public a wide selection of European works of art, ranging from the Middle Ages to the XXIst century, all of them distinguished by their quality and beauty, acquired from collectors and in the national and international art market. We hold unique major works intended for private collections and museums, while at the same time we stock excellent items of great interest for any budget.


One of the cornerstones of our firm is the confidence of our clients, which depends to a large extent on our professionalism.

Every item we offer has been previously studied and researched to determine with the utmost accuracy the characteristics of the work. Backed by over 30 years’ experience in the antiques market, we are specialists in a number of different fields and periods. Nevertheless, whenever appropriate we seek the opinion and advice of other professionals of recognized standing in the art world (experts, museum curators...) to ensure the most reliable and complete cataloguing of the works.

Each purchase is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that includes a full technical and photographic description of the work.

Noël Ribes is co-founder and vice president of the AACV (Asociación de Anticuarios de la Comunidad Valenciana), an association integrated in the Spanish Federation of Antique Dealers, whose members belong to CINOA.

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